To be considered to be accepted by the Whangarei Boys’ High Schools Old Boys’ Association as a Venerable Old Boy, the Old Boy will have satisfied two or more of the following criteria:

  1. Has made a substantial commitment of time and effort to the School and Association.
  2. Has made a substantial financial commitment to the School through donations via the Association.
  3. Has enhanced, promoted, and been involved with the current and previous Association.
  4. Has actively promoted the School during his normal activities or through a special action that has been nationally or internationally recognised.
  5. Provided inspiration and opportunities to current students.
  6. Has a continuing and ongoing interest in the well-being of the Association.

Any Old Boy can be nominated as a Venerable Old Boy, although it must be by another Old Boy. Nominations can be made by simply addressing a letter to the Committee or by completing the form that can be downloaded from the website. However, the induction will only occur after being approved by a majority vote at a meeting of the WBHS Old Boys’ Association Committee.

Unlike the Fideliter Fellowship, there will be no limit on the number of Venerable Old Boys.

Venerable Old Boys will each have their name recorded on the Old Boys website with suitable notation of the reason for their inclusion on the list and each Venerable Old Boy will be presented with a lapel badge in recognition of their status.

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