How you can help

There are many different ways that a prospective donor may make a gift or donation and some of these are as follows:

    1. One-off Cash Gift
    2. A Pledged Gift over a period of years eg three years, five years (usually three years).
    3. Designated Gift eg a gift designated toward a specific part of the development programme eg Sports Pavilion, Performing Arts Suite.
    4. Memorial Gift eg a gift that is made in memory of or specifically targeted to a previous housemaster, teacher, principal and such like of the school. These gifts may also be targeted towards a specific family that have given outstanding service to the school over a period of years.
    5. Gifts in Kind – building materials etc.
    6. Bequests – these may take the form of:
      Legacy of cash
      Bequest of personal property
      Devise of real estate
    7. Assignment of Income – from a rental property or such like.
    8. Rural Agistment – farmer raises a set number of livestock and when they are sold the proceeds are gifted to the School.
    9. Advertising Agreements – particularly convenient for businesses as there are taxation considerations that are to benefit of the business.
    10. A Gift designated towards a specific achievement eg a scholarship gift, which may be a gift that is made on an annual basis for achievement in a particular subject or field eg community work, science, headmaster’s choice etc.
    11. A Gift designated for the purpose of improving research and development within a particular field eg science, mathematics, physics, food technology etc.

Significant gifts will attract naming and memorial rights and donors may also make gifts in kind and bequests, or enter into advertising or sponsorship agreements with the School.

Also please be aware that a taxation rebate is available in New Zealand for charitable giving to qualifying charities in any one year by each taxpayer. The WBHS 125th Jubilee Campaign qualifies for this exemption. In the case of gifts from business entities, there are taxation incentives available by way of advertising agreements with the School. We would welcome enquiries from businesses that may wish to make a gift in this manner.

Should you be able to make a gift please contact Garry Whimp, President of the Whangarei Boys’ High School OBA. His contact details are: Email:

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