How you can help

Gifts or donations can be made in a number of ways, some of which are listed below:

    • A Pledged Donation – a donor might pledge $2,400 to be paid over four years, by installments of $50 per month
    • Memorial Donation – A gift made to the memory of or specifically for a former housemaster, teacher, principal, or another school official. These gifts may also be targeted towards a specific family that has given outstanding service to the school over a period of years.
    • Gifts in Kind – building materials, manual labor, etc.
    • Bequests – these may take the form of a legacy of cash or a bequest of personal property, or real estate.
    • Assignment of Income – such as from a rental property.
    • Rural Agistment – A farmer raises extra livestock and when they are sold the proceeds are gifted to the school.
    • Advertising Agreements
    • Designated donations
      • Toward a specific part of a development program – e.g., Sports Pavilion, Performing Arts Suite.
      • Towards a specific achievement – Typically something that is made on an annual basis for achievement in a particular subject or field, such as a scholarship, or a gift that is designated to a specific achievement, such as community work, science, or as a headmaster’s choice.
      • For the purpose of improving research and development within a particular field such as science, mathematics, physics and food technology, etc.
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