WBHSOBA Life Membership

A Life Member of the WBHS Old Boys' Association is someone who has been nominated as such by the Executive Committee in recognition of their service to the Association or to the School, and that nomination is then ratified at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting by a majority vote.

As at 1 May 2015 the following Old Boys have been recognised with Life Membership:

  • George Wilson (WBHS 1938-41)
  • Reg Mullins (WBHS 1938-41)
  • Bert Boswell (WBHS 1938-41)
  • Clifford Brunker (WBHS 1940-45)
  • David Silich (WBHS 1958-62)
  • Erc Angelo (WBHS 1958-62)
  • David Dent (WBHS 1968-70)
  • David Templeton (WBHS 1971-73)
  • Kevin Salmon (WBHS 1975-77)

Furthermore there are those who might be Honorary Members of the Association. These are any person other than an Old Boy who is elected an Honorary Member on the recommendation of the Executive Committee and by majority vote of a General Meeting of the Association.

There has so far been one recipient of an Honorary Membership and that was Bill Mallett in recognition of his services as Chairman of the Board of Trustees and also for his work in helping with the Jubilee, the Jubilee Fundraising Committee and the WBHS Old Boys’ Association Executive Committee. Bill was very active in the years 2002-2009.

If anyone has any queries about this information please contact the Old Boys office.

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