Rules & Criteria

Guidelines for the incorporation of the Fideliter Fellowship. Presented by WBHS Old Boys' Association In conjunction with Whangarei Boys' High School.

  1. The Fideliter Fellowship is the name that has been given to the Whangarei Boys’ High School Hall of Fame. Inductees therefore would become ‘Fellows of the Fideliter Fellowship’. Each would be numbered, beginning with ‘1’.
  2. The award will be administered by the WBHS Old Boys’ Association.
  3. There will be up to 5 inductees each year. Nominations must be received (on an appropriate form) by 31st December each year to be considered for induction the following year.
  4. Inductions will generally occur at the WBHS Old Boys’ Association Annual Dinner, which is held on the first Saturday in July each year, although there may be special ones required from time to time. (As in 2008 when the first two were inducted at the ANZAC Service and three at the dinner).
  5. Each induction will entail:
    • A certificate to be given to either the inductee or a representative that shows the inductee’s name, their achievements, and their Fellowship no.
    • A photo and citation are to be hung in the Assembly Hall on the panel designated for the Fellowship inductees. The photo will be about A5 in size and the citation, in bold large font, will have 2 lines on the inductee’s WBHS activity and 2-3 lines to recognise achievement (eg Inducted in recognition of service to the military. Winner of VC & DFC WWII)
    • Entry into the Fellowship book that will include a photo on one page and then more detail on a facing page of the inductee’s achievements.
  6. Criteria for nominations have been outlined as the nominated person:
    • Must be an Old Boy/Girl or former/current staff member of the School, whether living or dead. (NB Years at Whangarei Boys’ High School will be a determining factor) and will have made a national or international contribution over a sustained period whether it be business, the professions, the arts, medicine, politics, the military, or the sporting arena.


    • May have performed an individual act of heroism that is nationally or internationally recognised.


    • Will be nationally or internationally recognised in their chosen profession or activity, particularly for their Lifetime achievement in that field (eg discoveries, explorations, science).


    • Will be a former staff member who has made a significant contribution over a long period of time to the School, past or present.


    • May be distinguished in any other way deemed significant by the Selection Committee.


Criteria will be reviewed annually with a consultation period allowed one month prior to this for feedback.

  1. The procedure for nominations shall include the following:
    • Completion of a nomination form. Nominations will only be accepted on the correct form. Copies will be available on the website, from the WBHS Old Boys’ Association Secretary or the Whangarei Boys’ High School Office.
    • Nominations can be made by the general public but each nomination must be seconded by an Old Boy of the School.
    • The completed nomination form and supporting documentation should be sent to the Secretary WBHS Old Boys’ Association, P O Box 5034, Whangarei to arrive no later than 31 December of each year.
    • Nomination forms should be accompanied by a photo, a CV, copies of awards, or citations. A more detailed biography of the nominee might also be appropriate if sufficient information cannot be provided on the nomination form…Thereafter the process is as follows:
    • The Secretary of the WBHS Old Boys’ Association will check and verify each nomination and the documentation received with those. This is to ensure that nominations received are complete and provides an opportunity to go back to nominators for further information if required.
    • The Selection Committee will meet in week 2 of March to consider verified and checked nominations.
    • The Selection Committee will meet again in week 4 of March to confirm inductees for that year.
    • Nominators will be informed by April 7th of the outcome of the selection process. The option will be given to nominators for unsuccessful nominations to be held over for the next year.
    • Inductions will occur at the WBHS Old Boys’ Association annual dinner to be held on the first Saturday of July each year.
  2. The Selection Committee shall comprise 2 members of the WBHS Old Boys’ Association, 2 staff members of Whangarei Boys’ High School, and 1 independent member. The independent member will be nominated by the WBHS Old Boys’ Association Committee.

The Selection Committee members currently are:

From WBHS Old Boys’ Association

Jarrod Goodall – President, David Templeton  &  Treena Shrimpton – Secretary

From Whangarei Boys’ High School

Principal – Karen Smith  &  Staff Representative – Hans Brits – Current Teacher

The Committee’s responsibilities shall include:

    • Reviewing selection criteria and policy on an annual basis
    • Reviewing the induction process annually
    • Making selections for induction

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