Fideliter 125


The official Jubilee book ‘Fideliter 125’ is a history of the School compiled by former Headmaster Murray Lints specifically for the 125th Jubilee. The book is probably best described by Murray in his foreword where he writes:

‘The first part of the book draws heavily on the work done by the late Bruce Collier who was responsible for the centenary publication, “Fideliter” (Calder Print, Whangarei, 1981). Bruce poured heart and soul into writing that history and I am grateful for the permission granted by Mrs Sydney Collier to freely use his material as the basis for this book. I apologise if, in adapting his work, I have made any errors.

The second part of the book covers the last twenty—five years and is based mainly on the contributions of successive school principals leavened by reminiscences from some head prefects and by pen portraits 0f numerous long-serving staff members. That section alone will conjure up many vivid memories – largely pleasant, I trust – for past pupils. The final chapter provides a brief report of the jubilee along with decade group photographs.’

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