WBHSOBA Life Membership

A Life Member of the WBHS Old Boys' Association is someone who has been nominated as such by the Executive Committee in recognition of their service to the Association or to the School, and that nomination is then ratified at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting by a majority vote.

As at 1 May 2015 the following Old Boys have been recognised with Life Membership:

  • George Wilson (WBHS 1938-41)
  • Reg Mullins (WBHS 1938-41)
  • Bert Boswell (WBHS 1938-41)
  • Clifford Brunker (WBHS 1940-45)
  • David Silich (WBHS 1958-62)
  • Erc Angelo (WBHS 1958-62)
  • David Dent (WBHS 1968-70)
  • David Templeton (WBHS 1971-73)
  • Kevin Salmon (WBHS 1975-77)

Life Membership is not to be confused with Old Boys who have paid a one-off Lifetime Subscription (currently this is $350.00). As far as we can determine those people are listed below. Payment of a one-off Lifetime Subscription means they do not have to pay any further subscription, as opposed to those who have chosen to pay an annual amount.

Furthermore there are those who might be Honorary Members of the Association. These are any person other than an Old Boy who is elected an Honorary Member on the recommendation of the Executive Committee and by majority vote of a General Meeting of the Association. Just like Lifetime Subscription Members they too are not required to pay an annual subscription, but may do so if they wish.

There has so far been one recipient of an Honorary Membership and that was Bill Mallett in recognition of his services as Chairman of the Board of Trustees and also for his work in helping with the Jubilee, the Jubilee Fundraising Committee and the WBHS Old Boys’ Association Executive Committee. Bill was very active in the years 2002-2009.

If anyone has any queries about this information please contact the Old Boys office.

Lifetime Subscription Members

Please advise if there are any omissions or if there are names on the list who may have passed away and we have not yet noted those details.

Al Kirk
Alexander Roderick Thomson
Allan Pollock
Allen Simons
Angus Finlayson
Arthur Parkin
Barney Fairley
Bill Buckley
Bob Buckle
Brendon Jull
Brent Robinson
Brian Moyle
Bruce Jamieson
Bruce Palmer
Bruce Squire
C.B. Murray
C.E. Weir
C.S. Hogg
Carrie Arneil
Charles Stockley
Clive McDermott
Clive Mudgway
Colin Adams
Colin R Cunningham
Craig Gunson
Craig Waalkens
Dave Palmer
David Cyril Lewis
David Dent
David Galbraith
David Hutley
David Jones
David Price
David Silich
Dennis Johns
Dennis O’Meara
Derrol Lamb
Donald Rattray
Douglas Bourke
Eric Lowe
Eric Thomas
Ernest Shepherd
Euan Carr
Evan Bourke
F.G. Cheetham
Fredrick Wilson
G J Bethell
G.M. Elliott
Gavin Clarke
George Morris
George Wilson
Graeme Denton
Graeme Edgeley
Graeme Whiteman

Graham Erceg
Grant McCullough
H. E.Croucher
H. Moors
Hamish Sheard
Hanley Hutchinson
Harold Clotworthy
Hugh MacLean
Hugh Smith
Ian McDonald
Ian Morris
Ian Thomas
J. N. Wilson
Jack Wilkinson
Jennifer Butcher
Jim Leslie
Jim Mortimer
Jim Rotherham
John B Day
John Bell
John Bethell
John Brockliss
John Craig
John Leese
John McComb
John Robert Guy
John Robertson
John Williamson
Ken Webber
Kevin Brown
Kevin Presland
Leo Menefy
Les Bradley
Lindsay Hill
Lloyd Morris
M. Sandford
Malcolm Ronald Johnson
Malcolm Parslow
Mark Wilson
Max Atkinson
Mervyn Jull
Michael Dawn
Michael J. Watson
Mike Gifford
Murdock Phillips
Murray Airey
Murray Belfield
Murray Inder
Murray Palmer
Murray Warin
N. P. Jack
Neil MacKay
Neil Stevens
Noel Buchanan
Noel L. Morrison

Owen Finlayson
Owen Rutter
P. C. Griffiths
P. I. T. Boon
Pat Skelley
Paul Ahlers
Paul Butturini
Paul Mens
Peter Allsopp
Peter Davies-Colley
Peter Doel
Peter Grenfell
Peter Hill
Peter Jones
Peter Saul
Peter Visser
Peter Vucich
Peter White-Robinson
Phillip John Carden
Ray Mellsop
Raymond D Johnston
Reg Mullins
Rex Barnaby
Rex Faithfull
Richard Massey
Richard Papworth
Rob Keen
Robert Fyfe
Robin Archibald Bagnall
Roderick John Harding
Rodger Kallu
Roger Bowden
Ron Attwood
Ron McCracken
Ron Nisbet
Ross Wakelin
Russell McIlroy
Russell Toplis
Rusty Campbell
Sandy Whitehead
Sherry Hargreaves
Steve Schollum
Stuart McGregor
Terrence Berridge
Terry Sutherland
Tony Davies-Colley
Tony Hall
Tony Lane
W. J. King
W.R. McPherson
William Buckley
William J. Jamieson

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