WBHSOBA Endowment Trust

The formation of the WBHS Old Boys' Association Endowment Trust was initiated in 2009. The purpose was to establish a fund to take the place of the existing WBHS Foundation whereby Old Boys could build up a fund to create some sort of legacy for the future of not only the School but also the Association.

This was a fund that would be managed by Old Boys for Old Boys, although the ultimate goal always remains to provide help to the School. The broad objectives of the Trust are:

  • To foster the pursuit and advancement of high educational standards for pupils of Whangarei Boys’ High School.
  • To support, assist and advance the aims and objects of the Whangarei Boys’ High School Old Boys’ Association Incorporated so long as this Association remains a recognised charitable organisation in accordance with New Zealand Law.

The Trust is to be administered by Trustees who are appointed by the Association.

The current Trustees are as follows:

  • Erc Angelo – Chairman
  • David Dent
  • Murray Holdaway
  • Jarrod Goodall
  • Paul Ahlers
  • Secretary – Mark Wilson

Initially the Trustees were:

  • Martin Perkinson (WBHS 1959-62) – Chairman
  • Lloyd Morris (WBHS 1959-62)
  • Peter Ogle (WBHS 1970-71)
  • Tim Shaw (WBHS 1958-62)
  • David Silich (WBHS 1958-62)
  • Stuart Spicer (WBHS 1962-66)

At the first meeting held in March 2011 a further Trustee was nominated and accepted:

  • Kevin Salmon (WBHS 1975-77)

Over the last couple of years Peter Ogle and Stuart Spicer have resigned as Trustees and thus far only one further replacement has been made:

  • David Dent (WBHS 1968-70).

The Trustees appointed JBWere Ltd to manage the investment of the funds deposited into the Trust. The starting balance was $150,000.00.

A copy of the Trust Deed is available from the Old Boys’ Office of by emailing oldboys@wbhs.school.nz

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